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TimeShift Studio has produced more than 300 business videos for local Bay Area clients and nationwide, in most every industry category you can imagine. See who has used TimeShift Studio for video production.


Our production experience literally runs the gamut of virtually every type of video imaginable. We’ve worked with a single owner of a small local boutique to Fortune 500 companies. See how video marketing can help your business.


We’ve got a lot to say about video and how you can use it help your local business. From video marketing tips to the latest technology being used for live streaming events, the TimeShift Studio blog has it all.

Time Shift Studio

We’re a full service video production team that can take your business or organization to new heights, whether you’re B2B or B2C. Maybe you’re introducing a new product or service and want to make as big a splash as possible. Maybe you want to add a video to your website to bring in more traffic. Maybe you just want a video clip to run on YouTube or even a TV commercial that can be localized for cable. Or you might want to live stream your trade show or conference event to those who couldn’t be there in person.

We do all of that and more. You’ll find we’re a team of creative thinkers and pragmatic producers who take the extra steps to assure your budget goes far beyond the actual dollar value.