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Things to Know Before Starting a Video Campaign – Part 2

Last time we wrote about the questions you should be asking to help clarify your goals in creating a video campaign. Now that you have a good idea of what you can expect from your video campaigns, it is time to decide how to create and launch your videos. Questions about your promotional budget and the personnel you already have on your staff will help you decide how to produce your videos. Your campaign objectives will help you figure out the best ways to launch your campaigns.

Things to Know Before Starting a Video Campaign – Part 1

Video is a powerful, but often underused, tool for extending a company’s marketing reach, building email lists, establishing strong presences on social media, and educating existing and potential customers. Video marketing campaigns can be tailored to fit your business’s needs and budget. Video campaigns can target specific types of viewers and can be scaled up from small initial test projects to more aggressive nationwide or international programs.

Holiday Video Marketing Tips

5 Tips to Make Them Successful

The holiday season is an excellent time to ramp up your company’s video marketing efforts. Millions of shoppers go online with a list in hand, but many rely on the Internet for gift ideas for their hard-to-please friends and family. With a strong online video presence, you can give those shoppers ideas and a chance to buy from you. Here are five tips for making your holiday video marketing campaign successful:

3 Metrics that Help Prove Video ROI

In today’s world of video marketing, there are several metrics you can use to determine video ROI. However, just because certain metrics exist doesn’t mean they should be used. If your goal is to guide your sales and marketing teams, the following three metrics will help you achieve your goal and prove your video ROI.