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Does My Business Need an Explainer Video?

Animated Explainer Videos

Almost any business can benefit by including an explainer video in its video marketing campaigns. Explainer videos are simply short videos designed to communicate business-to-business or business-to-consumer information about your products or services in a way that is engaging and informative.

If you are uncomfortable with appearing before the camera in person, or if you have complex concepts to present in an easily understandable manner, animated videos may be just the thing you need to energize your campaigns. There are several common types of animated explainer videos.

  • Screencast videos. These take screenshots of your computer or smartphone screen and assemble them to explain how your product or service works. Easy to use software can convert screenshots, along with voice-over or music tracks to create an entertaining video that will keep your viewers engaged long enough to get your message.
  • Cartoon style videos. Creating a recognizable cartoon figure to represent your brand is a good way to get your potential customers familiar with your company and its products. Animated cartoon videos can tell a story with humor and personality that is difficult to convey in other formats.
  • Whiteboard animations. These were originally created by assembling still shots of actual drawings done on a white board into a video presentation. Today inexpensive software can recreate the effect of producing whiteboard graphics in real time, so viewers get the impression of concepts being generated as they watch.
  • Motion graphics. Moving geometric shapes and other figures are used to explain complex processes in a way that is memorable and easy to understand. Motion graphics can be integrated with cartoon figures for an even more dynamic presentation.
  • 3D animation or claymation videos. Videos using computer-generated 3D graphics, or created one frame at a time using real clay figures to simulate motion, are eye-catching and entertaining. Due to their complex production processes, they are more expensive to produce than other animated explainer videos.

The Advantages of an Animated Explainer Video

Explainer videos offer many advantages to your viewers as well as to your business over more traditional informational media such as text web pages and static images.

  • Improved comprehension and retention. Many people learn quicker and retain more information when it is presented visually rather than via plain text blocks on a web page.
  • More time on site. People tend to spend more time viewing a video before clicking away from it than they do when reading a text article. Search engines reward content that keeps visitors engaged, so your explainer videos will help your search engine rankings.
  • Greater click-through and conversion rates. Videos generate better visitor response rates, in terms of click-through and sales conversions, than web pages featuring static content. Explainer video content can pay for its production costs faster than other content.
  • Ease of sharing. Videos hosted on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are easy to embed in your web pages and they are also easy for viewers to share with their friends and social networks. Videos in email messages also get much better responses than text-only messages.
  • Powerful branding. If you use a consistent theme or recognizable animation in your explainer videos, your company brand will become familiar to viewers and they will respond positively to new material you publish. Videos are a great way to express your company’s values and unique personality.

This discussion of explainer videos just scratches the surface on describing their potential value to your business. Contact us to learn more about incorporating explainer videos into your next video marketing campaign.

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