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How to Get Your Video More Views on YouTube

Your YouTube channel is a powerful marketing tool, but it is useless if nobody sees your videos. It would be nice if all of your business marketing videos went viral and became world-wide sensations, but they can be highly effective, especially for local businesses, even without achieving that level of visibility. By paying attention to on-video and off-video SEO factors, as you would with on-page and off-page factors for a website, you will attract more views on YouTube than you will if you neglect some simple optimization tactics.

YouTube is popular with Google (Google owns YouTube) and the other major search engines. It is also one of the largest internet search engines in its own right. If you give the search engines what they are looking for, they will send visitors to your videos. Search engines cannot interpret video images, so they rely on the text you provide accompanying your videos to decide whether your videos offer relevant information for a given search.

Here are some tips for on-YouTube optimization of your business marketing video:

  • Use the title effectively. Include relevant information in your title. Your product keyword and business name are both good items to have in your video title.
  • Use the description to your advantage. Think of the description box as an opportunity to publish a short article about your video and about your business. Put a link to your website in the first line so it is visible to viewers who don’t click the “see more” button. Don’t stuff the description with keywords; just provide information that is relevant to your business.
  • Don’t overlook tags. YouTube lets you select keyword tags for your video. This is where you can put the exact keywords you would like searchers to use to find you.
  • Set your location. If you are promoting a local business, click the “advanced settings” tab to pinpoint your video or business location accurately.
  • Link videos together. Include links to your other videos in your video description. Also, assume that your video will be copied by others. Put the link to your video in its own description so that video pirates give you a free link wherever they post your video.
  • Make it public. After you have uploaded your video and completed the title, description and tags, be sure to change the video setting from “private” or “unlisted” to “public.” If your video is not “public” the public can’t find it to view.

After you have your business marketing video uploaded to YouTube, optimized and made public, use off-site strategies to get more video views. Here are a few simple tips:

  • Imbed your videos on your web pages. Visitors to your website will be likely to click on any videos that you have visible on pages they find useful. Don’t forget to imbed your videos or provide links to them on all of the major online directories that serve your local area, such as Yelp and your Google+ listing.
  • Post to social media. Put links to your YouTube videos on your Facebook business page and in your Twitter tweets. “Share” your business video postings on your personal Facebook page so they get more reach than your business page postings alone will get. Experiment with paid “boosted” posts from your Facebook business page and try paid Facebook, YouTube and Twitter ads to see if your rate of return justifies the investment.

Your YouTube channel is a valuable business asset. Take the time to optimize your videos up front and they will serve you well for many years without a great deal of additional maintenance.

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