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Measure Your Business Marketing Videos With 3 Easy Metrics

Business marketing videos are powerful tools to use for branding and advertising your business, but how can you be sure that they’re working? To make a long story short, you really can’t unless you’re using metrics to measure ROI. In fact, by taking advantage of just three simple metrics and the tools to measure them, you can guarantee that your business marketing videos succeed.

Three Metrics to Increase ROI and Impact Your Business Marketing Videos

When you invest in a marketing video, the return that you get on this investment is imperative. Why spend money if it isn’t bringing any real value to your company? Luckily, measuring ROI is simple when you look to just three simple metrics.

  1. Rewatches – Measuring individual rewatches or aggregate trends from multiple viewers can help you refine and focus your marketing strategy. Rewatches clarify what ideas viewers are identifying with or want more information about, making it simple to hit on major pain points and close a sale.
  1. Engagement – The rate of engagement shows you which viewers are most compelled by your video and how effective your video is in general. Holding the attention of viewers can be difficult, but by measuring engagement, you can tailor future strategies to accommodate your viewer’s preferences.
  1. Play Rate – The play rate measures the difference between how many people land on the page with your video versus how many actually take the crucial step of hitting play. If your play rate is low, chances are that your marketing isn’t quite compelling enough to get people to watch the video.

Creating and Tracking Successful Business Marketing Videos in the San Francisco Bay Area is Simple

Knowing these metrics is important but actually having the technology to track them is even more so! You can always turn to popular platforms such as HubSpot and Wistia for simple, efficient tracking. Of course, there are also countless other video tools to choose from, all of which can be immensely helpful.

Of course, the success of your videos also depends on the quality and innovation of the video itself. For years, TimeShift Studio has been helping companies in the Bay Area create stunning videos that deliver outstanding ROI.

Find out more about us and see why our business marketing videos can make a difference for your business.

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