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Three Tips to Help Your Company Stand Out With Small Business Marketing Videos

Marketing has changed, and for small- to medium-sized businesses this is a trend that means nothing but good news. But, why?

The answer lies in small business marketing videos. This affordable option puts many smaller companies on the level of corporate giants within their local communities, helping to increase visibility and attract customers.

If you’ve never considered using video for your company, you might be wondering how to approach your own productions. Below, we’ll discuss three tips to help make your small business marketing videos as effective as possible for your business.

Make Your Small Business Marketing Pack a Punch Within the San Francisco Community

At TimeShift Studio, we have seen the impact that videos can have for businesses within the San Francisco community. Now, we’re passing on three of our tips to you to make sure that your next video is a success:

  1. Tell Your Own Story to Keep it Real – Connecting to customers on a personal level means keeping your videos real and true to your company. Don’t set your video up to impress; instead, set it up to show the real passion and excitement behind your brand.
  1. Keep it Short – When it comes to video, the shorter, the better. Ideally, your video should be between 60 and 90 seconds long. This gives you time to make an impact without overwhelming your customers.
  1. Share Your Video for Maximum Results – A video won’t benefit your company unless customers are actually seeing it and sharing it with others. So, put it on your website, your YouTube channel, in email marketing efforts, and through social media. Of course, trade shows present an additional opportunity to highlight your small business marketing videos too!

Make Your Business The One to Beat

With the help of well-made small business marketing videos your business can transcend the rest. That’s why, at TimeShift Studio, our goal is to highlight what makes your company unique and why you’re the best option for customers.

See how far we can take your company by getting started on the first of many marketing videos for your company, today!

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