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Three Ways to Make Business Marketing Videos Work for Your Business

Your San Francisco based business needs business marketing videos. Perhaps you already knew this, but figuring out the “why” of this statement is just as crucial.

The truth is that video can help boost small businesses like no other marketing strategy can, primarily because it is a simple way to communicate and connect with customers everywhere. And, by taking advantage of the three top types of business marketing videos, your San Francisco based business can get to places you might have never thought possible.

Three Types of Business Marketing Videos to Use for Your San Francisco Based Business

While there are countless approaches that you can take for your company’s videos, three specific types of videos have been shown to be particularly effective.

  1. Behind the Scenes Videos – We all know what these look like: typically consisting of testimonials, interviews, and on-site shots that give customers an inside look at what your business is like. Check out the video below to see how Caffe Pascucci Bravado, a local San Francisco coffee bar, created a behind the scenes video that captures the essence of their company.

  1. Service Demonstration Overview – Service demonstration videos are also particularly useful, especially because they can put customer’s minds at ease and give them an idea of exactly what you have to offer. Below is a video from SF Custom Chiropractic, showing the office and valuable service demonstrations so clients know what to expect from the office.

  1. Product and Service Overviews – These informative videos can use images, music, and more to feature products and services, drawing attention to what sets your company apart from others that offer similar services. The 235 Hotel Boutique video below captures this type of video perfectly.

Give Your Business an Edge With Business Marketing Videos

As you can see, there’s more to creating exceptional business marketing videos than meets the eye. That’s why at TimeShift Studio, we help you figure out which videos will be most effective for your San Francisco based business to create real, measurable results for your company.

Find out more about us and see why our team can simplify and strengthen your business marketing video strategy.

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