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Things to Know Before Starting a Video Campaign – Part 1

Video is a powerful, but often underused, tool for extending a company’s marketing reach, building email lists, establishing strong presences on social media, and educating existing and potential customers. Video marketing campaigns can be tailored to fit your business’s needs and budget. Video campaigns can target specific types of viewers and can be scaled up from small initial test projects to more aggressive nationwide or international programs.

First, it is important to ask some basic questions about your company’s expectations from its investments in video to make your campaigns as effective as possible. Part 1 of this two-part article will focus on the questions you need to ask to clarify your goals in creating a video campaign. Part 2 will help you determine the best ways to implement your video marketing campaign.

What is Your Primary Objective?

Is your goal to get immediate sales or are you taking a longer view and trying to build a large and loyal base of customers and potential customers?

If you have a limited promotional budget, you can test the waters of video marketing with simple videos containing clear calls-to-action encouraging viewers to buy something. Everybody likes a good deal, so these kinds of videos can be highly effective in boosting immediate sales.

Taking a longer-term approach, you can diversify your videos to include not only direct marketing efforts, but also informational pieces that give potential customers useful information so they become familiar with your brand before they become customers.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Are your products geared for on-the-go professionals, casual shoppers interested in the latest fashions, or seniors looking for ways to occupy their retirement years? Is your video marketing campaign intended to target consumers or are you looking for business-to-business visibility?

Where is your targeted viewing population most likely to spend their time online? Is email marketing the best way to reach them, or are they more likely to discover your products and services via search engines or while spending time interacting on social media sites?

By considering the answers to these questions, you can work with your video team to formulate a strategy that will best fit your needs. Be sure everyone understands your goals as you proceed with implementing your video campaign. Next week we’ll post Part 2 of the things you need to know before starting a video campaign.

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