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quote Gregory smoothly made his way through the restaurant, filming as our guests ate dinner. He made me feel incredibly comfortable through the interview process and got smiles and enthusiasm from the kitchen while he filmed there. We are very happy with the resulting promotional video. He is a warm and charming individual who helps bring out the best in everyone on camera.
— Liam D., Montara

Business Marketing – Videos For Every Business Need

Business, Marketing And Corporate Videos

Producing a video is a process unto itself. It starts with developing the concept, and it’s a collaborative effort between us. We get into your head to determine exactly who you are, how you differ from your competitors, and what you want your video to accomplish. Then the entire process begins, including preproduction, production and post production. We give you the highest production values in every step of the process to make sure your video stands high above the rest of your competitors.

Our production experience literally runs the gamut of virtually every type of video imaginable.

Business Profile Videos For Social Media

All small to mid-size companies these days know the value of social media. It’s today’s proven method of reaching your potential customers in a more personal and entertaining manner. And it’s so much less costly than traditional advertising. There’s Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp, plus all the new social media outlets coming into play on an almost daily basis. Users can share your video adding their own comments, become a fan of your business, and some of these sites can even get your video distributed to other websites, building a network of potential customers who will subsequently visit your site.

Web Marketing Videos

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the buzzword in web marketing these days. TimeShift Studio creates optimized videos, which increase the chances of your name and/or your website appearing on the first page of a Google search of your product, service, or occupation. This brings more people to your site who are actually interested in what you have to offer, and it increases their probability to purchase. It also gives you more of a personality, and adds more action to your web content.

Recruitment And Training Videos

You want to hire the most qualified employees and/or you want to train them in the procedures you want them to follow. We produce videos that highlight the benefits of your business and emphasize the unique culture of your company.

TV Commercials And Promotional Videos

Buying broadcast television air time can be expensive and wasteful. But buying time on localized cable TV can be inexpensive and beneficial in bringing in new clients and customers. You can also get multiple uses from a cable TV commercial by using the same video for promotional purposes, in your office lobby, as part of your trade show booth, and even put it on your website as additional content.

Whatever kind of business video you need, whether the project is large or small, low budget or high budget, corporate entity or sole proprietorship, contact TimeShift Studio now.  We’ll bring your story to life.