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What Makes a Video Viral?

You know that video can be one of the most effective tools for creating visibility and finding customers for your business. A well-made, informative video is likely to get more attention than a web page filled with text, no matter how well the text is written. In an ideal marketing world, every video your company posts online would become a viral video, with thousands of viewers sharing your link with their friends, who share your link with their friends in a chain of sharing that results in millions of views of your video and thousands of new customers beating a path to your door.

5 Ways to Incorporate Video Optimization in Your Marketing Strategy

Great content is key to successful marketing, but without video optimization, you aren’t doing everything you can for your business.

Today, there is an overwhelming amount of videos for consumers to choose from on any given topic. While this is great for consumer choice, it’s incredibly harmful when you’re trying to stand out from competitors.