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How to Get Your Video More Views on YouTube

Your YouTube channel is a powerful marketing tool, but it is useless if nobody sees your videos. It would be nice if all of your business marketing videos went viral and became world-wide sensations, but they can be highly effective, especially for local businesses, even without achieving that level of visibility. By paying attention to on-video and off-video SEO factors, as you would with on-page and off-page factors for a website, you will attract more views on YouTube than you will if you neglect some simple optimization tactics.

Find the Right Place for Your Business Marketing Videos

YouTube or Vimeo?

So you’ve made unique business marketing videos to spark interest in your brand and get the word out about your services. Now what?

For many business owners, the difficulty with creating videos is not actually making them, but finding out how to effectively share the videos with potential customers. With countless platforms to choose from, including YouTube and Vimeo as two of the most prevalent choices, how do you know where to turn?