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Streaming Live Events Like a Professional: Best Practices for Success

If your company is like many others in the marketplace today, streaming live events has transitioned from being an option to being a necessity. However, not all live events are created equal. Successful events incorporate the best practices for streaming live events to ensure that your audience members stay engaged, interested, and attentive from beginning to end.

Consider Your Audience When Planning for Streaming Live Events

Live stream you next event.Your primary consideration when planning any live event should be towards all features that can affect audience members, including everything from the event space to the number of cameras being used and even how well your event flows together.

As a result, the best practices for streaming any live event is to create a well-defined plan and to commit to its execution. In doing so, the audience in your presentation and at home will both have a positive experience.

Engage Your Audience With Meaningful Tools

Of course, no live event is complete without audience engagement. Passively sitting and listening to a presentation cannot surpass the experience of becoming an active participant. Just some of the best practices when it comes to implementing useful tools for this purpose include:

  • Create a Connection – Multiple camera angles, zooming, and using high-quality technology can provide an audience at home with a cinematic experience superior to that in your event space itself.
  • Crisp Audio – While stunning visuals are key, clean audio might be even more important. Audience engagement begins with hearing the presentation. Therefore, an audible feed from every microphone is important.
  • Focus on Content – Maintaining at-home viewership is more than just the presentation itself. In fact, content should always be at the heart of a presentation whether it is through video clips or slides that are then related back to what is being said.
  • Encourage Chat – Letting audience members contribute to streaming live events through chat is imperative, since it gives audience members an experience like they are in the event space itself.

Bring Your Live Events to Life With the Best Practices for Streaming

Streaming live events can be a challenge, but with TimeShift Studio, it doesn’t have to be. Find out more about how we can bring your business event, product launch, or other presentation by staying up-to-date on our latest news and projects on Facebook.


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