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Why Webcast a Conference?

Is Webcasting Your Conference Necessary?

Is your company devoting capital and human resources to hosting a live conference for employees, customers or potential business partners and clients? If so, you should take advantage of all of the resources available to you to optimize the impact of the conference on the attendees and maximize its long-term value to your company. Using webcast conference technology to broadcast your event offers many benefits:

  • Expand your audience. A live webcast can extend your reach from a small local audience to include people all over the world. International customers and potential clients who might not be able to afford the travel costs involved in attending your live conference can easily join in as virtual attendees. Including webcast conference attendees can multiply your event capacity to include a much larger audience than you could afford to host in a rented meeting facility.
  • Increase your revenue. Offering virtual webcast conference attendees reduced admission fees will benefit them at the same time it increases the total revenue your company will receive from the conference compared to what it would receive solely from entry fees paid by physical attendees.
  • Reduce your company expenses. A webcast conference intended for your employees will save your company thousands of dollars in travel and lodging costs. You will also minimize temporary productivity losses since workers can monitor parts of the conference they are interested in without disrupting their entire work day being physically present for meetings and presentations that might not be relevant to them.
  • Grow your social media presence. Conference attendees tweeting live updates from your conference will get more interest from readers who can join in the conference remotely via your live webcast.
  • Permanent archiving and back-end revenue. A webcast conference can be recorded and stored for future reference. You can also sell downloadable files or DVD copies of the conference long after the floors have been swept and the chairs put away.

At TimeShift Studio our webcast conferencing packages include:

  • Multiple camera angles for live streaming and recording.
  • Professionally produced DVDs or downloadable recordings including your company logo and branding.
  • Real-time streaming identification of presenters and their affiliations.
  • Complete compatibility with Macs, PCs and all major browsers.
  • Recordings available on-demand within 24 hours of the end of the event.
  • Split-screen or full-screen presentation of prerecorded videos, PowerPoint presentations or slides.
  • Real-time integration with social media.

We look forward to helping you with your next webcast. We provide all of the technology and setup so you can concentrate on what you do best: organizing and presenting a meaningful program to your employees, clients or prospective business partners.

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